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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
September 2015

September 20th 2015, what a beautiful day it was, it was a perfect duplicate of September 11th 2005 the day that we formed Mountain View koi Club. When I look back over the past decade of our koi club I find it to have been an incredible time. The great members that have come into the club and have stayed on, all offering something to the membership. We have back yard koi breeders, who would think you could do that and be successful, Bill has done it and has been successful. We have had new members like Sam build a successful filter system using barrels and already seeing a difference in the pond.

We have had a two year program of studying koi differences, what is a kohaku, what is an Asagi and why is a particular group of koi called Gosanke Series? This has been a huge learning curve where members can now go into a koi dealer and ask for a kohaku or a sanke or a yamabuki ogon, and know what they are talking about.

Several club members have participated in a koi harvest at Quality Koi in New Jersey only because the Club created the interest for furthering the knowledge and appreciation of koi at a higher level.

We have moved from risking our koi by leaving them outside during the winter to housing them in a tank inside away from sub zero temperatures and predators, all for the appreciation of the Koi.

Through discussions during our meetings about garden ponds and their draw backs on how to keep them cleaner by adding bottom operated pumps and filters or the necessity of cleaning the bio falls on a regular basis. Remember, think of the toilet all the dirt goes to the bottom and thatís what happening in a garden pond so that has to be moved out one way or the other. Filtration, filtration, filtration is the answer.

Ben Martin our web master is a blessing for the club in that he satisfies the mandate of exposure and spreading the knowledge of koi keeping for the members and the community. Ben is always ready to update our website with photos or reports. He is always ready to assist when talks are given at the Greater Ottawa Water Garden Society as a technology person, his assistance is greatly appreciated.

By doing our wet lab displays we learn how to use a microscope, looking for parasites, how to successfully treat ulcers (injuries) to koi caused by rocks or parasites. Treating a koi has now been made easier or the Club has given us the knowledge as to what to look for and who to call, again part of our mandate for care and appreciation of koi as our wet pets.

We know that not cleaning the bottom of our ponds allows for the creation and build up of hydrogen sulphide a deadly poison for our koi. By releasing this poison it will stress and debilitate the koi making them vulnerable to parasites which normally live in our ponds. By doing these wet lab seminars we can identify the many different parasites which will attack our koi if under stress and how to treat for their control.

We have developed a list of items for a Koi and Pond First Aid kit giving every pond owner a heads up if a problem is detected.

Going hand in hand with our wet lab seminars two of our members Jean Paul and Verne are now involved in taking a course for Koi Health Advisors offered on line by the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA). Once again, all for the benefit of our Koi.

In closing it has been a memorable decade of Koi appreciation along with some terrific Mountain View Koi Club members. As we move forward into the our second decade , one year at a time we look forward to our next meeting being hosted by Jean and Nicole Leger at 124 Sandfield Street, Alexandria ON. on October 18th 2015 at 2:00 p.m.


It has been two years since our Constitution was signed on September 22, 2013 so that means it is election Time:
All Positions: Are Now Vacant:
President: Verne Gilkes: Expired
Vice President : (1) Jean Paul Lupien: Expired
Vice President: (2) Pat Hardisty : Expired
Treasurer: Paula Gilkes: Expired
Secretary: Christine Morris: Resigned and position is now vacant. Daniel Shelton has been our interim secretary for this summer`s term.

All positions are now open for nominations as the positions are only held for 2 years.

Please send your nominations to the Club Nominations Coordinator

Jean Marc Menard at.

Jean Marc will coordinate all the nominations and on Oct 18 at our meeting we will have elections.