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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
November 2015

The Mountain View Koi Club held its Year End Club meeting and supper at the Vieux Chateau Restaurant in Hawkesbury on November 25th 2015. What a great year end party it was, Koi of the year was chosen, Koi Person of the year was chosen, great friends all with the same goal, Koi discussions. It was also a pleasure to have special guests from the Greater Ottawa Garden and Water Society join us for our year end Party, Bev and Don Lethbridge joined us for the festivities and experienced the koi selection for the koi of the year award. And also joined our Club.

Once again this year we held the four categories for the koi of the year award, Jean Paul the convenor of the competition received and registered the various koi into the 4 categories while Jean Mark placed the koi photos on the Judging table. The categories were Koi under 15 inches, Koi over 15 inches and under 20 inches and Koi over 20 inches, and then the fourth class was the most unique koi, here we see a lot of different varieties. The photos are requested to be 5 by 7 inches as that gives a good display of the koi.

Once everyone has their koi registered Jean Paul gives the word and the judging starts, in each class everyone has the option to judge the koi he or she likes best and records that number so whichever koi gets the highest score in the category it will win that class. With the four classes judged the top four koi are again judged and the winner will receive the Koi of the Year award. This Photograph is than sent to the KOI USA Magazine where it will be displayed in the July - August issue. The winners of the four classes are as follows.

Paula's Budo Goromo won the under 15 class.

Verne's Long Fin Platinum Matsuba won the 15 inch to 20 inch class.

Leigh's Sanke won the Over 20 inch class

Edna's Long Fin Hi Matsuba won the Most Unique category class.

The Challengers were now laid out for the final vote for The Champion of Champions the KOI OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Jean Paul over saw this very important segment of the challenge, the votes were registered and Leigh's Sanke beat out the other 3 koi by a very small margin.

The runners up with honourable mention were, Verne's koi was in second while Paula's came in third and Edna's came in fourth. Congratulations for everyone who participated in this important competition for the club.

On the other end of the spectrum we had some great gifts to be won. The highlight of the gift table was a Quilted Wall Hanger, hand quilted by Paula which is a display of two koi swimming up a waterfall. There was a year book from Nishikigoi Magazine from Briton, a subscription to the Koi USA Magazine. And a Koi Posture.

With our meal now over and our dessert yet to come we set about choosing the Koi Person of the Year Award, This Person(s) is someone who has promoted the Club and also promoted the koi which our Club is all about. Throughout the weeks leading up to the Year-End Party all the Club members sent in all their nomination who they feel have exemplified the Koi and Club the most. These Nominations were sent to Lucie who tabulated the scores and from that she chose the top three persons. During our break for dessert Lucie explained to everyone who the top three were and from these top three we were to elect who we feel should be the Koi Person of the Year.

This Year Daniel Shelton was chosen as our Koi Person of The Year.

Daniel was certainly the right choice for this year's award as he worked diligently getting our Club and some of our koi into the Montreal Botanical Gardens on July 26th. Congratulations Daniel on winning this Prestigious Award.

The Gifts were then chosen by lot and Janet won the Quilted wall Hanger By Paula which was a bitter Sweet win as Janet suffered a devastating attack on her liner by a muskrat causing irreparable damage which caused Janet to close down her pond, a heart retching decision for her to make. Her 12 Koi and pond equipment are now all for sale.

Andre Charest won the KOI USA Subscription which I am sure he will enjoy very much.

Andre also won the Nishikigoi Year Book.

While Sam Won the KOI POSTURE.

As Senor El Nino blesses us with an unusual winter we hope our koi ponds are all properly aerated.

In closing Paula and I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. And may your koi prosper and grow well and stay healthy, God Bless everyone this joyous holiday season.