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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
November 2013

It is November 2013 and the Koi Summer has come to an end. I cannot believe this, it seemed like only yesterday we were starting our ponds for the summer, we however have accomplished a great deal this year. We have added some new and interesting members to the club, our new executive have rewritten the Club's Constitution and it was accepted by the majority. This was a big step for the club and everyone participated in the process. We have studied the categories of Kujaku, Kohaku, Shiro Utsuri, Matsuba , Showa and Sanke. We have also studied the process of testing the parameters of pond water with test kits.

It has been a happy year for koi keeping on average, however we have had some sad times as well.

Our Club member Marcel Jobin passed away on Nov 25th in his 80th year, he was a dedicated koi keeper, he will be sadly missed.

Honore, lost his beautiful Asagi after a courageous operation for the removal of a tumour, she was one of Honore's first Koi. This is a sad loss, we do get attached to our koi.

Leigh also lost several Koi in the process of setting his new indoor pond, these were valued koi and hopefully the problem has been resolved.

Paula lost Chretien as well, she was very fond of him, but koi do get sick just like us. We must move on.

November was a tough month, let's hope the rest of the winter will be kind to our koi.

November 23, 2013 was a windy cold night with a light snow falling, this however did not deter the members of the Mountain View Koi Club from braving the weather for the year end Christmas Supper hosted at the Granary Bezile restaurant. Every one arrived around 5:00 pm and turned in their Koi photographs to Leigh the chairperson for the Koi Of The Year Awards. This year we had three categories to show our koi in, Class "A" Koi under 15 inches, Class "B" koi under 20 inches and Class "C" koi over 20 inches. Participation was very good for the first year of the new format. In Class A there were 10 Koi Photographs, in Class B we had 8 Koi vying for the award. Now in the jumbo Class of 20 inches and over, we had 9 beauties going after the Coveted Award Of Koi of the Year.

Meanwhile the members of the Prestigious Accounting Firm of Lucie and Colette Inc. arrive with the ballets for the Koi Person of the Year nominations. Over the past several weeks members of the Mountain View Koi Club have been sending Lucie their nomination for the Koi Person(s) of the year award. On arriving at the Granary, Lucie and Colette set about tabulating the top three nominees. The top three were chosen and ballets were passed out for the vote to take place just before dessert was served.

On arriving at the Granary Bezile the sumptuous odor of a wonderful meal met us as we entered the homey atmosphere of the warm and comfortable restaurant. Lisa our gracious host and her team had prepared a interesting array of hors d'oeuvres which were set out on the bar, from shrimp on roasted potato slivers to egg rolls and breaded cheese, some of us said just cancel supper and bring on the hors d'oeuvres . The buffet was being readied with three different meats, vegetables, Lisa's fancy potatoes and salad, but wait we can't eat yet we have to vote for the koi of the Year.

Leigh and Karin had the three classes set up with the koi all respectively numbered. Verne our Chairperson and M/C for the evening called everyone to order and Leigh explained how the vote for the Koi of the year would be handled. Leigh passed out the voting papers and 5 koi out of each category had to be chosen. With the voting completed Leigh and Norm retired to the dark corner to tabulate the scores for each class. Tabulating the scores for 300 fish to come up with three winners is no easy task. They however completed the scoring with the following winners for the three classes.

Class "A" Edna for her beautiful Budo Goromo, Class "B" Leigh with his striking Shiro Utsuri and Class "C" Karin with her Colorful Kujaku. With the Three Classes now completed we had our three Koi from which the Club Koi Of The Year would be chosen. Let's not rush this choice as we have to have supper first.

The first part of the evening's business now behind us Verne says Grace and a dull hush falls over the crowd as everyone enjoys the fabulous meal and company. Adrian and Maria added to the table a delicious mille-feuilles cheese pie, a plate from Romania as well as a delicious Sushi. With dessert being prepared for everyone we go back to Club Business of voting for the Koi of The Year. Leigh and Norm set up the three koi for the vote which takes place quite orderly.

Lucie and Colette step up for the Koi Person(s) of the year, the proceedings are explained and the vote takes place from the top three nominees of (1) Jean Paul, (2) Verne, (3) Jean Paul and Lucy. The voting is complete and Jean Paul and Lucy are voted as the koi Couple of The year 2013.

Leigh and Norm have completed their tabulations and Karin's Kujaku is voted as the koi of The Year,

Congratulation to everyone for their participation as Congratulatory Certificates are presented To Edna for Class A winner, and Leigh for his Class B winner while Karin has the Class c for her winner.

The Koi of the Year Award is given to Karin for her colorful Kujaku, congratulation Karin.

The Certificate for Koi Couple of the Year was presented to Lucie as Jean Paul was not able to make it to the supper. It will be re presented to them both at a later date.

I must note that the koi presentation at this year's competition is 200 percent better than the previous year. This in my opinion is strictly due to the ongoing koi presentations and discussions that are done throughout the year at the Club Meetings. I congratulate everyone who participated in the Koi competition, it makes the Club much more active and purposeful.

To close off the year I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year