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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
March 2016

Well here we are, spring is on the air, it is Easter and great days are ahead of us as the sun gets stronger and the winter sheets slowly disappear. Now is the time to be thinking about flushing some of your ponds that are holding koi from last fall. It has been 6 months since we have removed any water and added some fresh water. Can you just imagine sleeping on the same sheets for six months well that is what your koi have been doing and they have been doing a lot more so guess how bad the water is. Certainly a breeding ground for those hungry critters called parasites. Now if they went to sleep healthy and with no parasites there is a good chance they will not have any now. But flushing out water will just make it a lot healthier for the koi. Do several small flushes rather than a large flush as it will be easier on the koi .

Please do not start feeding your koi until your water is at a consistent temperature of 60 F or 16C they may appear to be hungry but they will have trouble digesting it so just hold off a bit. While you're waiting around for the temperatures to get up there make sure your filters are all cleaned and the pumps are ready to start pumping. Once everything is up and running add some salt to your pond, (water softener salt) Windsor System Saver l l Pellets ( 99.7 %) pure Salts is good to use. One pound per 100 hundred gallons is just a safe treatment for the koi and it will help take care of some parasites that may be hanging around.

During the late days of winter your executives have been meeting and have come up with some discussions for the Club's activities.

We had suggested April 3rd as our first meeting date at Knox Presbyterian Church, however with Leigh and myself going to Quality Koi Farm that same week end, we have decided April 10th would be a better date for the first meeting to be held at Leigh's indoor pond.

We also have discussed the issue of business who wish to show their koi in the koi of the year competition to have a handicap clause added to the constitution. That will be discussed with the membership.

Botanical gardens will be on the table for discussion; this is getting more and more exciting.

Getting out the Agenda before meetings, this way if any member has anything to discuss they can have it added to the agenda before the meeting.

Koi Discussions are on the agenda again this summer as we are getting new members.

Sam will be doing the Kohaku presentation during the first meeting.

Problem Discussion will also be on the agenda.

Guest Speakers, Our own in house Daniel Shelton is a Bonsai Enthusiast and will speak about bonsai plants in August. This will be a must meeting to attend.

Our Vice President Sam will conduct the June and August meetings.

Sam is to discuss Social Media (face book) at the first meeting.


  • Welcome everyone to Koi Valeigh home to Leigh and Karin's Beautiful Koi.
  • Address 3790 Barb Road, (county Road 10) Vankleek Hill, Ontario. 613 678 3404
  • Know your koi there is a quiz coming.
  • Thank you Leigh and Karin for hosting the first meeting of the Year, it's always exciting to kick off the year so early and at an indoor pond.
  • Welcome to our guests ----
  • Treasurers Report: Paula :: MEMBERSHIPS ARE DUE:
  • Minutes of the last meeting get together "Yearend Party at Vieux Chateau in Hawkesbury.
  • Discussion arising from last meetings minutes: Opinions please.
  • New Business: Organizing a Pond Tour: Date: Area: Who to invite: Invitations:
  • Discussion On Businesses Re Year End Koi of Year Competition:
  • Botanical Gardens Discussion : Daniel
  • Social Media Discussion re face book; Sam
  • Elaine to discuss her responsibilities and what she expects from the Club members.
  • Guest Speakers: any Ideas, Right now we have Daniel a Bonsai Enthusiast for August. Can anyone think of anyone else? How about a Suiseki discussion, know anybody?
  • Issues of Koi Health and Pond Health.
  • CLUB ACTIVITY: Sam on Discussion of kohaku.
  • Club Raffle: Tickets $2.00 a ticket or 3 for $5.00
  • Draw lucky winner(s).
  • Club adjournment. To a Club member with a pond for our May Meeting or is this to early, can have the church hall if necessary.
  • Refreshments and happy time: