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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
December 2014

Well here we are Dec 1st 2014, 6 months until Koi Season starts, isn't that a scary statement. How do our koi survive so long in lock down frigid conditions? Prayer and hope is all we have at this time. Last night November 30th we had our Year End party at the Ristorante Il Torsoro in Ste. Lazare, Quebec. The supper was hosted by our Club Members Cami and Kenny. The supper was absolutely delicious; we all look forward to going there again.

This being the year end supper we chose our Koi of the Year Award. I really want to thank all the members who submitted photographs of their koi so the competition can be held. Participation is what makes the club function, without participation the Club dies. Thank you everyone for your participation.

We had a great competition, organized by Jean Paul and his assistant Jean Marc for Koi of the Year Award. Four classes consisting of 26 koi are voted on culminating with a winner. We have Class "A" which are koi under 15", Class "B" koi under 20" and Class "C" Koi over 20". This year we added a new Class, The Most Unique Koi of any size.

Every member votes for their choice of koi from the 4 classes ending up with a Class of 4 koi to vote on. The koi of the final group were Edna's Beautiful snow white Budo Goromo from Class "A" koi under 15" then there was a Yamabuki Ogon from the Class of koi under 20" shown by Paula and a Showa from the class of over 20" shown by Verne and a Long Fin Platinum Matsuba also shown by Verne from the Class of The Most Unique Koi.

The votes were taken and recorded by our Koi Voting Team of Jean Paul and Jean Marc. The Vote was in and Edna was the winner of the koi of the Year Award with her beautiful Budo Goromo. The word BUDO is literally translated as "grape". This refers to both the pattern and the color of the koi. The Snow White quality of the base color is very important as the background to the purple grapelike cluster which constitutes the pattern over the body of the koi. Edna's Budo certainly has the snow white and the Grapelike Pattern over its body. Congratulations Edna on a selecting this koi as a Tosai and carefully managing its growth to this stage, he will be a beautiful koi as it grows bigger in your pond.

The Koi Person(s) of the year are also chosen at this supper. Leading up to the festivities each member of the Club send their nominations to Lucie our Price Water house person for overseeing the nominations and elections. The nominations are totalled and the top three are brought to the supper for the final vote. Jean Paul was in charge of the voting which went really smooth. The votes were in and Verne and Paula were voted as koi couple of the year.

I would like to thank the members of the Club for voting for Paula and myself as Koi Persons of the Year 2014. Paula is very deserving of this award as she is the treasurer, camera person and the graphics person. She spends hours doing beautiful pond tour brochures and postures etc. Very deserving vote. Congratulations Paula on being chosen on the team of Koi Persons of the Year.

On behalf of my executive 1st Vice, Jean Paul, 2nd Vice, Pat, Secretary, Christine, and treasurer Paula. We would like to wish everyone in the Club a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year.