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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
August 2016

On August 14th 2016 we had the distinct pleasure of having our Mountain View Koi Club monthly meeting at Dan and Rina Shelton's koi pond. It was a fabulous summer day with the trees shading us from the hot sun. With Dan's newly filtered pond his koi were certainly the show of the day. Once again we had a delicious send off from the meeting, Rina and Lucie our social committee had organized a great display of snacks.

We had a terrific turn out of members, especially Jeannie Currie, Art Miskew, Bev and Don Lethbridge all from Ottawa. Welcome to our new Member Rob Lennox, of Hudson who has just recently inherited a pond which he has now stocked with koi and goldfish which were the canaries to start with. Two visitors Trieu Li and Luang from Montreal both experienced Koi Keepers who shared our day at the Botanical Gardens. It is most gratifying that our club now 11 years old and maturing is doing so well and attracting and keeping members.

With two successful showings of our koi at the Botanical Garden now under our belt we feel we can now move onto the next level of actually having a judged koi show. This was moved and voted on and carried at the meeting to start a discussion on getting started in the procedure. This of course will require a lot of work and a deep continued interest to take it to the end. Of course more tanks are going to be required and the discussion was positive about getting more tanks. Just to move outside the meeting I have been making enquiries and some tanks may be coming available. We will know more on the 18th at our meeting.

I am so proud of you the Club members for standing up and saying yes we want to fundraise for the KHV research program that is being organised by the AKCA to support Oregon University to continue the research to find a cure for the KHV disease. Lucie will be doing her part in this fundraising as she has many hardy water lilies that are being sold and the proceeds are all going towards the KHV project. Thanks Lucie.

Daniel didn't have much to say about his Bonsai talk, it was a superb talk, we all learned something about bonsai and malsai, trees sold at the shopping malls for a fast buck and not likely to ever make it to a mature tree. I know I learned one thing all bonsai trees need a winter rest and should not be kept inside the house during the winter, and most bonsai are killed by overwatering. It was a great talk especially surrounded by the many beautiful bonsai that Dan has been working on for many years.

We are now only about 55 days away from shut down again and only a few days where our koi can put on that extra weight for the long winter months, so do not be shy in feeding them now, they need all the help they can get. However having said that make sure your filters are all being cleaned on a regular basis if you are feeding extra.

Our Much awaited Pond Tour is well underway. Sam has been doing great work behind the lines and has the tickets all set to be printed. The Pond Tour is set to go this Saturday, September 10th. Pick up your Tickets at Daniels between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Daniel says there will be a large pot of coffee waiting for everybody. Bring Rain gear just in case. It is Rain or shine, Remember this is a practise run for the Real Pond Tour next year.

Please note your positive and negative points about the pond tour and bring them to the meeting on the 18th where we will be able to discuss them and make changes if necessary.

Have a great day on the Tour there are some great ponds and gardens and KOI to enjoy. See you at Dan and Rina's