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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
April 2013

Mountain View Koi Club kicked off another year on April 14th 2013. As we look out our windows we find it hard to believe that winter is running north to get away from the sun, well that is everywhere else but my back yard where we still have drifts of snow a foot deep or more. However have no fear Spring is here. We had a great turn out for the meeting just our snowbirds were missing but they were there in spirit and thoughts.

We had a guest attend our meeting for a few minutes, Chris Bell, from Ile Perrot, until he realised he left his cell phone at a restaurant and had to make a hasty retreat to retrieve same. He was in touch with me and apologises for his hasty retreat. In our emails after he has explained to me his koi affliction, like everyone he is also koi committed. We have a lot to look forward to when we visit his pond. He has an eight thousand gallon pond built in 2012 and nearing full completion this year. I have seen a picture and it looks great just needs the finishing touches and Chris says this summer it will be ready for visitors, He also says they make a mean cup of coffee. So that is certainly a future visit to look forward to.

He has 20 or more Koi ranging from 15 inches up to 22 inches, although he had a beautiful 27 inch Kujaku that died just last year from a tumor. Just 6 months too late as Janet probably could have helped her.

Our new executive are now settled in to their new positions, Christine as Secretary and Pat as our V/P 2 holding down the position of V/P 1, Jean Paul who was still basking in the Floridian sun. Paula has stayed on as treasurer and notes that the Club Dues are due for the next meeting. Karin was present with our library of some great Koi Books and magazines. Please sign some out, they are great reading and it will also make the library lighter to carry home.

Just for your information we are running a news paper column called Koi Corner for 6 weeks in the Review News paper, where people will send me questions and I will respond in the paper trying to instill some interest in the club. So, if you have some questions send them to the review at and cc to me at and we try to get some more interest.

This winter has been unusually hard on some of the ponds this year it was the worst we have had in 5 years, not an extremely bad winter but much longer then the koi can handle. When you consider they have been locked down for almost seven months their immune system gets pretty low. Now is a good time to start pumping your water down and adding salt bringing it up to 0.3% which is 3 pounds per 100 gallons? Leave it at this level for about 2 weeks then slowly start water change reducing the salt. By using the salt it will help the koi as they are under a great deal of stress due the cold winter months and also the salt will kill off most of the parasites such as Costia, Trichodina and Chilodinella, these are the three most deadliest parasites. As the water starts to warm up into the range of 40-50F the pathogens (parasites) start to multiply and are looking for something to eat, your koi is the first diet they go after. With their immune system virtually at zero they have little fight left in them so this is where the salt will help out. When you add salt, add it over a three day period. For example if you have a 1000 gallon pond, add 30 pounds of salt. Dissolve the salt in a tub with a small recirculating pump running then add the brine to the water gradually over 3 days.

Wasn't that a great operation that Janet conducted on Honore's Koi, it should be off to a happy summer of great eating and carousing in the pond with no discomfort. Have a great spring and we will see everyone at the June meeting.