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Splash from Toad Mountain Park

By Verne Gilkes
March 2017 (Dec 2016)

As another year draws to a close we have to look back on our past year 2016. I will start from the most recent event our Yearend Party Dec 4th 2016. Wasn't that a great party at the Restaurant Tesoro in St Lazare? It was beautifully decorated and set up for us on the second floor where we were able to be by ourselves. Kenny and Tammy were great hosts once again, we were treated like VIP guest, and the service was impeccable not to mention how good the food was. Of course at this yearend party we do more than just eat and talk about Koi, we do have a plan of events. Here we choose the Koi of the Year and also the Koi Person(s) of the year, all which are very much involved and fun to say the least.

The Koi of Year participants arrive and register their Koi Photos with Jean Paul who gives each photo a number and the photos are then placed on the judging tables by Jean Marc in the 4 categories available. Those being koi under 15 inches, Koi 15 inches up to 20 inches, Koi over 20 inches. And of course the most unique koi is also a fun category.

31 Koi photos entered the competition for Koi of the Year. Once registration and photo placements were complete Jean Paul gave the word that the competition was ready to start. The voting was on and with some difficulty I might add, there was a great selection of koi to be judged. With the voting complete Jean Paul and Jean Marc then tabulated the scores for the various categories.

The results of the tabulations are as follows.

Category of Koi under 15 inches: Dan's Shiro Utsuri was the walk away winner.
Category of Koi 15 to 20 Inches the winner was Leigh's three step Kohaku.
In The category of Koi over 20 inches, Verne's Showa
And the Most Unique Category was Leigh's Tancho.

From the above four categories we than chose the Koi of the year award, so everyone viewed the four koi and the votes were in, tabulations done and the winner of the Koi of The Year Award was Dan's Striking Shiro Utsuri watch for this koi to be a champion of champions at a later date.

Congratulation Dan this was an excellent koi. Dan was presented with the Club Perpetual Plaque.

The next and most important award is the Koi Person(s) of the year award. This award is awarded to the person(s) who promote the Club as well as promote the ideals of the Club which is Keeping Koi and promoting Koi. Each year leading up to the yearend party we all nominate members of the club who we feel would qualify for the award.

Those nominations are all tabulated by Lucie and at the party we vote on the top three nominations. This year Sam and Elaine were voted unanimously as the Koi Persons of the Year by the Club members. Sam and Elaine were very worthy recipients of this award. Congratulations Sam and Elaine. They were presented with the Club Perpetual Plaque.

(1) Paula's hand sewn Koi Tapestry was won by Rosalind
(2) The hand sewn Geisha Girl by Paula was won by Sam.
(3) The Christmas snowman by Paula was won by Jeannie
(4) The Funky Christmas tree hand sewn wall hanger by Paula was won by Nicole.
Thanks Paula for all your lovely hand sewn pieces.
(5) A unique Rice Cooker was won by Nicole
(6) The Nishikigoi 3 Koi book was won by Mary
$85.00 was raised for the club while another $34.00 was raised for the KHV Funding Project.

So this was a wrap for 2016 and it is off to roaring start for 2017.

Late last year we had some new people join our Club and we want to welcome them aboard, we have Cheryl Tetaryn, Helene Roy, and Charles Stackhouse, I know the enthusiasm that you folks have for koi will be a benefit to the Club.

There has been several requests that we cover the microscope and how it is used so that will be the Club activity for our first meeting coming up at the end of the month.

Next Meeting:

DATE: Sunday March 26th 2017
TIME: 2:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Knox Presbyterian Church Archie Hardy Hall.
ADDRESS: 29 High Street Vankleek Hill

If you have a Microscope please bring it so you can get use to using it.