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Silent Auction

My name is Lorna Ann Gauthier and here is a little bio of me.

Born in Hawkesbury, Ontario, I lived there until the age of 18. But I started painting at the age of 14 after realizing I had a talent for creating art.

My mother supported me at a young age and little did I know, that I would carry on painting for almost all of my life.

I started out painting with oils, then experimented with pastels and acrylics. But I soon found out that acrylics was my baby and I joyfully have been using this medium ever since.

I was a member of many art groups, guilds and clubs throughout my years and have gained awards for certain works of art. Namely with the Ottawa Art Association.

Sadly, I do not paint as often as I used to, for my health is an issue that I must deal with. But I still paint when I’m up to it and so decided to donate a painting to the Koi Club for auction.

I hope you enjoy the work I created. It is of acrylic paint on a piece of old roof slate estimated approximately 100 years old, given to me by a elderly farmer in our area. You can see the holes in the slate where the piece was fastened to the farm house roof. It is quite unique and rare.

Of course, the subject of the painting are Koi and I hope I captured the feeling and likeness of the species.

It was a delight and the second time I done a painting of these beautiful fish. The first painting was sold in a boutique in Merrickville, Ontario where I previously exposed my work.

I hope whomever purchases the piece, will bring them joy and admiration for such a beautiful creature Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Lorna Ann Gauthier