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2015 End of Year Party

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The Mountain View koi Club conducted their year-end Party at the View Chateau in Hawkesbury on November 25 2015. The highlight of the party was choosing the Koi of the Year for the honored Koi of the Year Award. The first group of pictures depict the Club members voting from the 4 categories of koi their choice which will end up being a class of 4 koi from which the Star will come from. The choices were made and the tabulation were conducted by Jean Paul and Jean Marc with the Award going too Leigh for his Doitsu Sanke a very worthy koi no doubt. Sam our Vice President is seen presenting Leigh his Perpetual Plaque along with his Sanke.

Animated Lucie then conducted the Koi Person of the Year Award for the Year; with her song and dance she was able to get everyone's attention to hold the vote. Each year the Club members send Lucie their nomination as to who they think should be the Koi Person of the Year. From that group of nominations Lucie takes the top three and from these three the member's then chose who they feel is the Koi Person of the Year. This year Dan was voted as the Koi Person of The year and he is seen being presented his Plaque for that also much honoured award. This will open many doors or hold doors open.

Verne and Paula Koi Persons of the Year for 2014 were presented their Award by Sam the Vice President.

Each of the participating koi owner's was presented with an award as well for winning the First category and making it into the final vote. Edna was presented an award for winning the Most Unique Koi, it was with her Aka Matsuba, Paula received the award for her Buda Goromo in the under 15 " category while Verne received his award for the Shiro Utsuri in the under 20" category, While Leigh received his award with his doitsu sanke in the over 20" category.

A great meal was culminated with the Club raffle for a number of prizes however the Prize everyone was after was the Hand Quilted Wall hanging by Paula of two koi swimming up a waterfalls. Janet was the lucky winner.

Now all we have to do is wait for Spring.

Botanical Gardens Montreal 2015

BBQ and Koi road trip - Click images for large picture