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Koi Owner's First Aid Kit

  1. Know the volume of water in your pond:
    Important if you have to add treatments. Write it down and place in your First Aid Kit.
  2. Know the depth of your pond: Record it. Important for netting koi.
  3. Long Handled Pan Net 18 to 24 inches, fine webbing
  4. An adjustable short handled deep net, fine webbing.
  5. If Possible a sock net:
  6. Two examination tubs, 20 gallon size. One to put your fish to sleep and one for recovery.
  7. Clear Plastic Bag, 18" X 30" for examination. Examining the belly of your fish.
  8. Water test kits, (a) Ammonia (b) Nitrite ) (c) PH.
  9. Anesthetizing agent, oil of cloves.
    Available at health food stores and Shoppers Drug Mart
  10. Hydrogen Peroxide. Disinfecting Sores
  11. Iodine. Disinfecting Sores
  12. Baytril Injectable ( Penicillin Like Treatment for wounds)
    " may have to call your koi health adviser to assist with this."
  13. Several size syringes to administer Baytril
  14. Antibiotic Ointment "ie" Debride from a koi supply, or Triple Antibiotic Ointment from drugstore.
  15. Wet Band Aid "denture adhesive powder" (Poly Dent)
  16. Tweezers ( used for removing infected scales from a wound)
  17. Blunt end scissors.
  18. Book on Medical assistance "ie Doc Johnson, or Duncan Griffiths"
  19. Baking Soda to counteract a drop in PH
  20. Note Book for record keeping.
  21. Microscope.
  22. Surgical Gloves. If you are squeamish about touching Koi Sores,
    (Caution! koi hard to hold with gloves)
  23. Towel, to lay koi on and to cover him with.
  24. Bottle of alcohol (disinfectant of tools)
  25. Small Tool Box,
  26. Salt test kit