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About Us

The Mountain View Koi Club, established in September of 2005 is located in Vankleek Hill Ontario, Canada, near the Province of Quebec. Every founding member of the club could see a mountain from where they live, thus the club name.

The club by virtue of its location enjoys membership from both Provinces .Our enthousiastic members of koi and pond owners enjoy and share the pleasures of both garden ponds and koi ponds. With dedication we take pride on keeping the best pond conditions possible. Our primary interest is the betterment of koi which is achieved by increasing our collective knowledge about koi through breeding, exhibiting, sharing information and practices pertaining to the health of the koi.

We hope you enjoy looking around our website and would love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions you may have, or if you would like to join our club.

New Club Executive for 2014-2016

Club President Verne Gilkes:
Verne has been a koi keeper since 1983 and has gone through 5 metaphoric pond changes finally ending up with a 5000 gallon pond equipped with a bottom drain and an in house filter system. Verne in 2005 was one of the founding members of the MVKC and has once again been acclaimed as Club president. He, prior to the election in the autumn of 2013 rewrote the Club's Constitution which the executive reviewed and changed it where necessary.When presented to the membership it was voted on and accepted as the Club's Constitution.

Club Secretary Christine Morris:
Christine along with her husband David joined the MVKC in 2011 and readily became involved. They had a pond on their property when they bought their house and quickly started to upgrade the system. They added lager pumps, filter systems and a U/V light and of course they started to acquire Koi. They even brought their Koi inside for the winter. Christine, a dedicated gardener took a leading hand in the Koi Keeping at their pond. Christine, when the secretary position became open readily stepped forward for the position.

Club Treasurer Paula Gilkes:
Paula, also a founding member of the MVKC in 2005. Paula has been the treasurer since Carol Hannaford also a founding member stepped down for family health reasons in 2009.

Club First Vice Jean Paul Lupien:
Jean Paul became a member of the MVKC in 2010 and quickly became a dedicated koi keeper shortly thereafter, a visit to the Koi Harvest at Quality Koi drew him even closer to becoming a koi kichie person.

Club Second Vice Pat Hardisty:
Pat has been a member of the MVKC since 2006 when her above ground pool collapsed and Verne built her a Koi Pond. With Carol stepping down as the Secretary in 2009 Pat stepped forward and filled the bill. She retired from the secretaries position and was elected as Club's Second Vice president.

Club Librarian Karin Mode:
Karin also a founding member in 2005 continues to be the Club's Librarian keeping the many books and articles in order.

Club Photographer and Graphics Person Paula Gilkes:
Paula an avid photographer continues to record the Club's activities in photos, she also has a strong desire to work with graphics and continues to create posters for the Club as well as formatting our Clubs Tour Brochures.

Photo Coordinator Verne Gilkes:
Verne will receive and coordinate the photos submitted from anyone in the Club please send in your photos.

Club Web Person Ben Martin Honorary Member:
Ben is doing a terrific job in running our web site but he need some information, if you have a pond koi or even a kid koi story send it to Verne and he will send it on. Your rebuild of a pond is also a good addition.