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Koi -  our living jewels
Mountain View Koi Club is an active club whose main interest is the study and enjoyment of Koi, gold fish and outdoor ponds. Enthusiastically pond and Koi owners can and do lend assistance to future pond and Koi owners in such areas as construction, design, breeding, feeding and healthy keeping of Koi. Each member in turn hosts a monthly meeting; a greet and meet around the pond; Koi is of course the main topic.

We hope you will enjoy looking around at our website. We would love to hear from you with any constructive comments or suggestions you may have. Should you wish to join our club please fill the appropriate form or call one of our executive member.

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My name is Lorna Ann Gauthier and here is a little bio of me. Born in Hawkesbury, Ontario, I lived there until the age of 18. But I started painting at the age of 14 after realizing I had a talent for creating art.

My mother supported me at a young age and little did I know, that I would carry on painting for almost all of my life.

I started out painting with oils, then experimented with pastels and acrylics. But I soon found out that acrylics was my baby and I joyfully have been using this medium ever since.

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About Us

The Mountain View Koi Club, established in September of 2005 is located in Vankleek Hill Ontario, Canada, near the Province of Quebec. Every founding member of the club could see a mountain from where they live, thus the club name.

Next Meeting
Place and Date

November 30th
Ristorante Il Tesoro
1914 Ste-Angelique
St Lazare Quebec
450 455 9111
Time 2:30pm


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